Nestled in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario, we decided to establish this… our hobby farm, in 2012 with intentions of bringing it back to it’s original glory and working/productive state. Driven by so much love and passion by all of us for big ideas, we started this small hobby farm for our children, primarily. Ultimately it’s something for them to take along as they grow, to create a deep pride in them stemming from all of their tireless efforts along the way. A lot of hard work was had by everyone who contributed to this venture, and we are thrilled to finally have it accessible for you to enjoy!

Please keep yourselves posted as to what is happening here at LOHA Farms by checking back to our FB page often. We promise to update it regularly with the most current news. There is a constant flow of neat things that take place here… and absolutely no end in sight!

Jessie & Chris Armstrong