Words are often inadequate to express our joy for your help. For sharing our dreams; for your invaluable help, support and patience, we say thank you.

Success is the fruit of personal effort plus support and encouragement from people like you. Many thanks for giving us a shoulder when we could not do it on our own.

Chris Norton

Jesse Frost

Gerry Pretty

Zak Lammis

Jay Pretty

Gary Green

Wesley Hicks


Wes Manlow Electric & Crew

Roblins Plumbing

Tyler Kerr

Steve Everall & Locks Loy

Fennell’s Concrete & Crew

Gross Construction

Doug Kerby

Alex Ingram

Chris Insley

AJ Scott

Mike Downes

Mike Gohen

Vivienne Naso & Michael Grills of Shoal Workroom

A very special thanks to my wife and kids for all their endless support and patience.

…oh and not to forget our lovely neighbours whom without their constant intervention, would we have not had the inspiration to git er done as fast as we did.